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Index of Countries

These are the search terms that I (the web master) has used to find particular regions. My geography ain't particularly good, so if you think these are all wrong, drop us a line. Numbers in brackets are numbers of plants in this category.

Often the range information for a plant will be something like Europe to Asia . Such plants will not always appear in a sub-category. Hence it is more reliable to use the upper level categories. The most reliable categories are: Britain, Britain(introduced), Africa, Asia(W), Asia(E), Asia(China), Asia(Japan), Asia(India), Asia(Korea), Asia(Himalayas), Asia(Siberia), Australia, Europe, Europe(N), Europe(S), Europe(E), Europe(W), Europe(C), Mediterranean, New Zealand, N. America, N. America(N), N. America(S), N. America(E), N. America(W), N. America(C), S. America.

If you want to combine this search with other plant charateristics go to our advanced search page.

Also some plants are just listed as being British although they grow in many other places.

hybrid (123)
cultivar (42)
cultivated, cultivar.
uncertain (100)
Not known, obscure, unknown, uncertain.
Britain (1091)
United Kingdom, Britain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.
Britain(casual) (58)
Casual in Britain.
Britain(naturalised) (248)
Naturalised in Britain.
Britain(introduced) (366)
Introduced in Britain.
Britain(native) (34)
Native of Britain, Possibly native in Britain.
Britain(Garden Escape) (44)
A garden escape in Britain.
Africa (215)
Africa, Tropics, Canary Isles, Madeira, Barberry Coast.
Africa(N) (102)
N. Africa, Canary Isles, Madeira, Barberry Coast.
Africa(S) (77)
S. Africa.
Africa(C) (23)
C. Africa, Tropics.
Asia (2855)
Asia, East Indies, Pantropical, Northern sub-arctic regions, N. Temperate zone, Caucasus, Siberia, Russia.
Asia(N) (203)
N. Asia, Altai, Tien Shan, Kamchatka, Urals, Siberia, Russia, Northern sub-arctic regions, N. Temperate zone, Circumboreal, Arctic.
Asia(E) (2429)
E. Asia.
Asia(W) (403)
W. Asia, Adygea, Cherkessia, Karachay, Dagestan, Ossetia, Alania, Balkaria, Kabardino, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan, Caucasus, Russia.
Asia(C) (77)
C. Asia, Sikkim, N. Temperate zone.
Asia(NE) (165)
N.E. Asia, Sakhalin, Northern sub-arctic regions, Circumboreal, Siberia, Arctic.
Asia(SE) (78)
S.E. Asia, S. Asia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma, Myanmar, Cochin China, Indo-China, Philipines, Tropics, E. Indies, East Indies, Pantropical.
Asia(China) (1256)
China, Likiang, Khasia, Indo-China.
Asia(China N) (66)
N. China, Shan-hsi, Shansi, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shensi, Shaan-hsi, Shaanxi, Kansu, Gansi, Gansu.
Asia(China S) (87)
S. China, Yunnan, Szechuan, Szechwan, Sichuan, Kwangsi, Guangxi, Guizhou.
Asia(China E) (91)
E. China, Chekiang, Zhejiang, Chiang-su, Jiangxi, Kiangsu, Jiangsu, Kwangsi, Guangxi, Anhwei, Anhui, Formosa, Taiwan.
Asia(China W) (168)
W. China.
Asia(China C) (73)
C. China, Hu-pei, Hupeh, Hubei, Hubeh, Hunan, Honan.
Asia(China NE) (116)
Manchuria, N.E. China, Qinghai, Xinjiang.
Asia(China NW) (53)
N.W. China. Xizang, Tibet.
Asia(China SE) (12)
S.E. China, Kwangsi, Guangxi.
Asia(China SW) (50)
S.W. China.
Asia(Japan) (1048)
Japan, Ryukyu, Tobishima, Sakhalin.
Asia(India) (547)
India, Sikkim, Sri Lanka, Rajasthan, Punjab, Ghats, Darjeeling, Darjiling, Pradesh, Assam, Simla, Kashmir, Jammu, Manipur, Indo-China, Tropics, E. Indies.
Asia(Korea) (413)
Asia(Taiwan) (27)
Formosa, Taiwan.
Asia(Tibet) (43)
Xizang, Tibet.
Asia(Nepal) (60)
Asia(Pakistan) (33)
Asia(Afghanistan) (47)
Asia(Himalayas) (503)
Himalayas, Sikkim, Xizang, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Tibet, Simla, Kashmir, Jammu, Pakistan, Tien Shan.
Asia(Russia) (32)
Russia, Sakhalin.
Asia(Siberia) (190)
Siberia, Kamchatka, Sayan, Kazakstan, Urals, Northern sub-arctic regions, Circumboreal, Arctic.
Asia(Turkistan) (63)
Turkestan, Afghanistan, Uygur, Xinjiang, Altai, Tien Shan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan.
Asia(Caucusus) (111)
Caucasia, Adygea, Cherkessia, Karachay, Dagestan, Ossetia, Alania, Balkaria, Kabardino, Chechnya, Adygea, Cherkessia, Karachay, Dagestan, Ossetia, Alania, Balkaria, Kabardino, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russia.
Asia(Mongolia) (25)
Australia (268)
Australia(New South Wales) (205)
New South Wales.
Australia(Northern Territories) (47)
Northern Territories.
Australia(Queensland) (122)
Australia(South Australia) (83)
South Australia.
Australia(Tasmania) (107)
Australia(Western Australia) (48)
Western Australia.
Australia(Victoria) (182)
Europe (1088)
Europe. Carpathian, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Yugoslav, Macedonia, Herzegovina, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Balkans, Alps, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Scandinavia, Temperate regions, Sub-Tropical zones, Circumboreal, Arctic.
Europe(N) (67)
N. Europe, Circumboreal, Arctic.
Europe(S) (302)
S. Europe, Warm Temperate regions.
Europe(E) (130)
Eastern Europe, Carpathian,
Europe(W) (64)
Western Europe.
Europe(C) (118)
Central Europe,
Europe(NE) (5)
North East Europe,
Europe(SE) (74)
Southeastern Europe.
Europe(SW) (38)
Southwestern Europe.
Europe(Alps) (10)
Europe(Scandinavia) (14)
Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Scandinavia, Northern sub-arctic regions, Circumboreal, Arctic.
Europe(Balkans) (77)
Balkans, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Yugoslav, Macedonia, Herzegovina, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia.
Europe(naturalized) (81)
A garden escape in Europe, casual in Europe, Naturalized in Europe.
Mediterranean (278)
Mediterranean, Sicily, Italy, Formentera, Ibiza, Minorca, Majorca, Tunisia, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Crete, Baleares, Balearic, Corsica, Sardinia, Warm Temperate regions, Mediterranean, Barberry Coast.
Middle East (104)
United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Arabia, emirates, Yemen, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Cyprus, N.E. Africa, Middle East, S.W. Asia.
New Zealand (164)
New Zealand.
N. America
N. America (1984)
N. America, Greenland, Mexico, all mainland states of Canada and US. Temperate, Circumboreal, Arctic.
N. America(N) (280)
Northern N. America, Northern sub-arctic regions, Greenland, Circumboreal, Arctic.
N. America(S) (1006)
Southern North America, Warm Temperate regions.
N. America(E) (815)
Eastern N. America.
N. America(W) (891)
Western. N. America.
N. America(C) (126)
Central N. America.
N. America(NE) (46)
Northeastern N. America, Circumboreal.
N. America(NW) (45)
Northwestern N. America, Circumboreal.
N. America(SE) (150)
Southeastern N. America.
N. America(SW) (335)
Southwestern N. America.
N. America(Canada) (629)
Labrador, Nunavut, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Nove Scotia, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta, Greenland, Circumboreal.
N. America(Alaska) (119)
Alaska, Northern sub-arctic regions, Arctic.
N. America(Mexico) (271)
N. America(Rocky Mountains) (543)
Rockies, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington, British Columbia.
C. America
C. America (305)
Central America, Jamacia, Haiti, Cuba, Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Guatamala, Mexico, Tropics, Pantropical.
C. America(Mexico) (500)
S. America
S. America (284)
Tierra del Fuego, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana, Guiana, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Tropics. Juan Fernandez Island,
S. America(N) (49)
Northern S. America, Venezuela, Guyana, Guiana, Ecuador, Colombia, Tropics.
S. America(S) (81)
Tierra del Fuego, Uruguay, Argentina, Southern S. America.
S. America(W) (153)
Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Western S. America, Juan Fernandez Island, Central and Western S. America,
S. America(C) (18)
Paraguay, Bolivia, Central and Western S. America,
S. America(Chile) (113)
S. America(Argentina) (45)
S. America(Brazil) (46)
Brazil, Tropics.
S. America(Peru) (60)
Peru, Tropics.
West Indies (179)
Trinidad, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bahamas.
Other Islands (63)
Sri Lanka, Ryukyu, Tobishima, Sakhalin, Formosa, Taiwan, Samoa, Futuna, Wallis, Tuvalu, Tonga, Tokelau, Pitcairn, Niue, Hawai, French Polynesia, Easter Island, Cook Islands, American Samoa, Polynesia, Micronesia, Nauru, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Palau, Guam, Marianas, Micronesia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Fiji, Melanesia, Oceania, Haiti, Cuba, Sub-Tropical, Tropical, St. Helena, Sri Lanka, W. Indies, Pantropical, Northern sub-arctic regions, Canary Isles, Canary Islands, Azores, Madeira, Juan Fernandez Island, Canary Isles, Arctic.
Other (39)
Temperate, Tropics, Sub-tropical, Sub-arctic, Arctic, Greenland, Cosmopolitan, Circumboreal.


It is generally better to use the above areas which are more accurate. However you can search for the exact names of countries as given below.

Afghanistan (57) Albania (3) Armenia (8) Antarctic (2) Argentina (53) Austria (12) Australia (406) Belgium (4) Bulgaria (5) Bolivia (16) Brazil (26) Bhutan (30) Canada (37) Switzerland (2) Chile (138) China (1564) Colombia (21) Costa Rica (3) Cuba (1) Christmas (11) Cyprus (1) Czech (3) Germany (16) Denmark (3) Algeria (2) Ecuador (17) Egypt (11) Spain (46) Ethiopia (11) Finland (4) Falkland (14) France (44) Georgia (135) Greenland (3) Guinea (7) Greece (42) South Georgia (15) Sandwich (15) Guatemala (3) Hong Kong (2) Hungary (6) Indonesia (4) Ireland (22) Israel (1) India (97) Iraq (12) Iran (59) Iceland (5) Italy (49) Japan (1780) Korea (429) Kazakhstan (1) Lao (1) Lebanon (3) Sri Lanka (9) Morocco (4) Mali (22) Mongolia (29) Malawi (1) Mexico (309) N. America (2203) Malaysia (4) Mozambique (1) Niger (3) Netherlands (3) Norway (6) Nepal (87) New Zealand (204) Oman (16) Panama (1) Peru (59) Pakistan (50) Poland (3) Portugal (18) Paraguay (2) Romania (2) Russia (72) Sweden (13) St. Helena (1) Slovakia (3) Syria (16) Thailand (1) Turkey (105) Taiwan (23) Ukraine (5) Uruguay (5) Venezuela (2) Yemen (1) Yugoslavia (8) Zimbabwe (1)

US States

Alabama (52) Arizona (98) Arkansas (62) California (407) North Carolina (64) South Carolina (18) Colorado (86) Connecticut (22) North Dakota (18) South Dakota (35) Delaware (10) Florida (330) Georgia (135) Idaho (30) Illinois (65) Indiana (42) Iowa (43) Kansas (157) Kentucky (20) Louisiana (53) Maine (67) Maryland (8) Massachusetts (31) Michigan (61) Minnesota (142) Missouri (89) Mississippi (16) Montana (60) Nebraska (83) Nevada (28) New Hampshire (15) New Jersey (53) New Mexico (113) New York (96) Oregon (93) Ohio (34) Oklahoma (52) Pennsylvania (52) Rhode Island (3) Tennessee (61) Texas (364) Utah (48) Vermont (13) Virginia (120) Washington (69) West Virginia (10) Wisconsin (48) Wyoming (35)

Canadian Territories

Alberta (42), British Columbia (195), Labrador (27), Manitoba (86), Northwest Territories (1), New Brunswick (43), Newfoundland (108), Nova Scotia (76), Nunavut (0), Ontario (139), Prince Edward Island (0), Quebec (106), Saskatchewan (50), Yukon (4),

Chinease Provences

Zhejiang (11,8,3) Yunnan (35,16,20) Yunnan eastwards. (1,1,0) Xizang (2,1,1) Tibet (95,42,61) Taiwan/Formosa (32) Szechwan (2,0,2) Szechuan (25,3,22) Sichuan (24,18,6) Shensi (3,0,3) Shaanxi (2,2,0) Kwangsi (7,1,6) Kiangsu (1,0,1) Kansu (3,1,2) Jiangxi (1,1,0), Jiangsu (6,5,1) Hupeh (48,3,46) Hunan (4,1,3), Hubei (13,9,4) Hubeh (2,2,0) Honan (1,1,0) Guizhou (3,2,1), Guangxi (2,1,1) Gansu (2,2,0) Chekiang (5,0,5) Anhui (3,1,2)

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