Tokyo, May 27, 1942

Foreign Broadcast Monitoring Service, Federal Communications Commission.

On this occasion of the opening ceremony of the Imperial Diet, I have no way to express my heartfelt appreciation to have received the gracious Imperial Rescript. I have received the Sacred Message in reverence with you and by carrying out my (sincerity) I have sincere hopes above all the fulfillment of the objective of the Sacred War. Ever since the outbreak of the Greater East Asia War, within a short period not yet exceeding the infant stage, our Imperial Forces have crushed the enemy forces wherever encountered and hence the most important bases in the OEA (?) have been occupied one by one by our forces. American and British naval units have been annihilated in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. In the face of these victories, this is the 8th Imperial Rescript conferred upon us. That our national prestige has been shown to the world has left a record unprecedented in the past. Moreover, accompanying the successive war victories unexampled n this world, new establishment is successfully being carried out in the various areas. Here the objective of the Greater East Asia War is steadily being established. In concert with military operations in the southern regions, the activities of our Imperial Forces within the land are swiftly bringing about the destruction of Chungking's power. Furthermore, our defense in the northern direction has taken the form of a solid rock. The fighting power of the Imperial Forces is a gift of the August Virtue of the Emperor. I wish to express my deep gratitude to the men and officers of the Imperial Forces with the people of the nation, and I wish to pay my respects to the great number of the souls of valiant and courageous men. The various races in Greater East Asia that suffered greatly at the cruel treatment of America, Britain, and other countries in the past have been embraced within the spirit of one pillar supporting eight corners of the universe and have returned them to their original position. That they have been able to advance themselves a step toward the establishment of a new order is worthy of our mutual congratulation. In concert with the great undertaking before us, the preparations for national defense have been strengthened and enlarged more than ever. However, the present situation which is advantageous for both within and without in the disposal of the war has opened the gates leading us to victory. It is needless for me to reiterate that the decisive battle for victory against America and Britain truly exists on the results of total war in the future. To the 100 million people of Japan that have received the Imperial Rescript of the Sacred War, I firmly believe that ever since the outbreak of the war the 100 million people are united under the Imperial message, their determination unchangeable and firm, and their faith immutable. The requirements and essence which guide the war in the future depend on the manifestations of the close cooperation extended by both army and navy in carrying out operations, expanding further the initial war results, as well as on the magnificent construction boldly carried out, thereby establishing measures to enhance the total war effort of the nation and strengthening a national structure of a sure victory. With unswerving faith and unchangeable determination, the Government expects to meet the faith of the people by fulfilling the heavy responsibilities of establishing the firm qualities in the foundation. Here then is the reason for holding the recent general election for members of the Diet in the fact of the Greater East Asia war. Through the media of the general election, the burning enthusiasm of the people was revealed in the form of surging waves of sincerity aimed at the prosecution of the Greater East Asia war, and the firm establishment of an Imperial Rule Assistance political structure. The political desire within the hearts of the people was crystallized and established the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Society. That unity of political strength, which had been the earnest desire of all the people for many years, has been realized anew for the sake of the country is beyond gratification. Again on one hand, the Government in response to the rising surge of the people's enthusiasm, in so far as possible has allowed the people to demonstrate voluntarily through which the government anticipated a marked development, thus bringing about the Imperial Rule Assistance Association. Hence, in order to carry out its enlarged aims, the Imperial Rule Assistance Association effected a reform in its function, and by changing its significance has attained the Imperial Rule Assistance support of the entire nation. Consequently, the Government has been able to venture on the road of advancement with the Association as the channel to combine together the demonstration of the people on the sacred path.

At this time I should like to say a few words especially on the economic strength of Japan. In the first place, Japan's economy in the past had a strong tendency to rely on America and Britain. In regard to this the Government has extended deep consideration and has spent earnest effort to cover the weak aspects of Japan's economy. The government was strongly determined to establish a self-sufficient structure with respect to vital foodstuff and materials. As a result, the Government had made plans on the supply of vital materials which were necessary for national defense by establishing the 4-year plan. Consequently, immediately after the outbreak of the Greater East Asia war, Japan has taken means to oppose American and British oppression and has boldly established a strong economy that can decisively carry through the Greater East Asia war. The establishment of this economic power is truly the result of the extreme hardships undergone on the part of each and every Japanese subject, and in this respect I wish to express my innermost gratitude. The glorious war results achieved by the Imperial forces ever since the outbreak of the Greater East Asia war have taken management of the oil, tin, and rubber, and other supplying countries in the various areas in the southern regions; all these have fallen into our hands. As a result of mutual cooperation and self sufficiency, which is the basis of Japan's economy, Japan's economy has become strong and firm more than ever. Hence, the materials of Japan, Manchoukuo and China added with the materials of the various areas of the southern region, the foundation of Japan's self sufficient production has been firmly established. Our war time economy which occupies the front of our military power has reached its complete (heights) and has established a foundation of strengthening and expanding our military power. As for the future of economy, it holds things very bright. However, in regard to enemy countries especially, which have relied on these various southern countries for materials vital to their national defense, the blows they are receiving are serious.

I should like to say a few words regarding our foreign relations. Thailand and Manchoukuo has positively undertaken the same mission. It is extremely gratifying and encouraging to know that in the future greater and closer cooperation will be given by these countries. In the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the founding of the Manchoukuo government, the personal felicitation of the Emperor of Manchoukuo has been received with the dispatch of special ambassador Chang to Japan. In response to this mission, His Imperial Majesty has recently sent his personal emissary Prince Takamatsu to Manchoukuo to express His Imperial Majesty's congratulation to the Emperor of Manchoukuo on the 10th Anniversary of the founding of the Manchoukuo government. Representing the people and the government of Nanking, Wang Ching Wei visited Manchoukuo and has strengthened the ties of Manchoukuo and Nanking. With the dispatch of our delegate on this occasion, it means that the relationship among Japan, Manchoukuo, and Nanking has been further cemented. To convey felicitation on the Japan Thailand alliance, special emissary Lieutenant General Phya Pahon arrived in Japan. He called on the various (ministries) and exchanged intimate views with high officials. This shows the ardent pledge based on the spirit of firmly establishing the Greater East Asia co-prosperity sphere by mutual cooperation beyond the scope of love among the people of the same race in the phases of politics, economics, finance and military among Japan, Manchoukuo, Nanking, and Thailand. Here the Imperial government with its people expresses its heartfelt and sincere appreciation to the (brethren) of the Greater East Asia sphere who are imbued with a strong determination.

In regard to Europe, the Imperial government at this time wishes to sincerely express its felicitation to Germany and Italy that are cooperating with Japan in the fulfillment of the same objective in this war and achieving great war results by overcoming various difficulties. America and Britain are undergoing a continuous change due to defeats suffered in this war and are carrying out vicious propaganda by constantly accusing our country of brutal acts. The fact that the countries of the world have been led by such a maneuver on the part of the distressed America and Britain has enabled them to realize that this has caused the grand union of the Axis countries that are extending political cooperation. The evil policies of America and Britain that have intended to live a life of ease and idleness on the many races and that have thought of their own progress only have been exposed to the world. At this time, as a result of sincerity shown by our imperial forces, the people of Burma in the various areas that are under the Japanese military administration of peaceful guidance have voluntarily brought upon themselves the chance to attain their independence. This is truly gratifying. The important defense bases of the (British) in India are falling into Japanese control. The golden opportunity for the people of India to win their -independence has now come to the surface. The British-India negotiation led by Cripps did not bear fruits. The fact that it had ended in utter failure makes us believe that India has given signs to depart from British rule and attain its independence spiritually. The spiritual foundation of Britain in India has become extinct. The first historical step of India's independence has truly started. However, today in India there still remains the skeleton structure of British domination and military facilities are still rooted, and the country itself is still subjected to oppression. As long as there remains British and American military facilities in India, Japan is strongly determined to completely destroy them. As a result, it is truly unavoidable that the people of India are exposed to such a misfortune. At this time the people should be inspired with courage and destroy, wipe out the British and American forces. By completely wiping out British and American power, I greatly anticipate that the Indian people realize their desire in the attainment of their independence. In connection with punitive operations carried out in Burma, Chungking government has been finally isolated and is at the threshold of destruction. In the first place as a result of earnest efforts of the Imperial forces, there are many who have surrendered and expressed their desire to cooperate with the Nanking Government. The power of the Chungking government is a thing of the past. Unless Chungking realizes its defeats and has no intention to correct it shall continue to suffer as it has, and it is clear that the imperial forces are at the final stages to crush the determination of the Chungking forces to offer resistance.

By the close and joint operation of Imperial army and naval forces the southwestern Pacific has completely fallen into our control. Australia has become the orphan of the Pacific Ocean. Especially only recently in the Coral Sea battle carried out on the northern tip of Australia the American and British sea power has been crushed, and now there is no one before us to defend Australia. At this time I should like to emphasize again anew what I have said once before in the previous Diet meeting to the leaders of Australia that they should survey the international situation, take into consideration Australia's geographical (jurisdiction), and decide upon their measures of disposal which at the present time is most important. At the present time, India is in confusion and in an unsettled state, Chungking is about to collapse, and Australia is isolated. As I review Shonan, Hongkong, and other important bases, peace and order being restored are steadily becoming the (foundation) of Greater East Asia establishment and are making great strides in its rebirth. Our sea power in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean is expanding day by day. Contrary to this, Britain has lost their overseas possessions and the route by which natural resources have been obtained has been taken control of by our forces. As a result it has added a great strain on the British domestic politics, and at the present time, Britain has reached a point of collapse. On the other hand, America that is suffering. repeated defeats is trying to cover its mortal blow by relying on vicious propaganda and is in a desperate condition trying to cover the rising criticism within the country and to preserve the right of neutral countries.

To the people of America and Britain who are made victims of their leaders, I have no way to express my sympathy to them who are fighting for their leaders who value their commander with such character as to desert his comrades at the most crucial moment, . . . Moreover, Imperial Japan has firm confidence in the attainment of the ultimate victory in this sacred war and our military operations which are magnificent and unparalleled in this world are being boldly expanded. Hereafter, the Government has high hopes in the fulfillment of the Imperial wishes by attaining complete unity with the people, by managing the improvement and expansion of the total war effort of the nation, and by so doing tightening the strings of the helmet so that we may display ever more the ideal fighting spirit which is inherent of Imperial Japan and we may quickly bring about the fulfillment of our mission in the Holy War.

The bills which will be presented to the Diet concern measures for the firm operation of shipbuilding and others that are outstanding in the emergency situation. I earnestly desire that upon examination prompt approval be given on these bills. At the conclusion, in regard to the cooperation extended to Japan by the various axis nations, I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation, I also wish to express my deep respect to the greatest and united efforts of each and every Japanese subject.

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