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   This page will allow the visitor the opportunity to visit some of the better sites where various types of items relating to the U.S.S. Arizona and the Pearl Harbor attack may be purchased.

   The items available at these sites consist of numerous books, audio-visual tapes, posters, hats, shirts, and other miscellaneous items.

   Highly recommended for those people truly interested in the Arizona is the book "Battleship Arizona - An Illustrated History", written by Paul Stillwell. Mr. Stillwell is the Director of History" for the United States Naval Institute, and his book is considered by many experts to be the definitive book on the U.S. S. Arizona.

    The book contains a full history of the famous warship's twenty-five year career, including riveting stories from the survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    The book has a hardcover and was published in 1991. It contains 480 pages, 370 photos, numerous line drawings, bibliography, index and notes.

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