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1-30-2003: Revitalization commencing!

This site is dedicated to the preservation of the history of this great ship.

The items available on this site as well as the links provided have been chosen for the ability to provide a wealth of information without the need for expending a great amount of time searching the internet.

My involvement with the U.S.S. Arizona is strictly as a student of history. My research activities began in 1973 while working on a high school history project. These activities are still going strong today.

During these years, I have been able to accumulate both a wealth of knowledge as well as a considerable collection of refernece materials and items related to the Arizona and the Pearl Harbor attack.

Occasionally I receive requests for information from people who are either working on school projects or just interested in a deeper knowledge regarding this subject. I continue to welcome such requests, and hope that visitors to this site will contact me at the address supplied.


Please note that any information obtained either from this site as well as from any of the links supplied remain the property of their respective owners, and are protected under United States Copyright laws.