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The signs are down — (Thanks to Alderman Dan Coleman).

Yes signs will be back, says The Beet the Weaver Street Market Newsletter:

Carr Mill will be temporarily removing the signs on the lawn in front of the Carrboro store today to correct the wording. The signs were put up at the end of last week to state Carr Mill’s Policy regarding the use of the lawn. The signs mistakenly used an older version of Carr Mill’s Open Space Policy that didn’t reflect changes that resulted from negotiations last fall between Carr Mill, Weaver Street, and Carrboro Alderman Dan Coleman. The error resulted when the wrong file was sent to the sign maker. When the error was discovered, Carr Mill immediately arranged to take down the signs and have the wording changed. In addition to updating the wording of the Policy, the new signs will start with “Welcome to Carr Mill” to reflect the spirit of the negotiations last fall.

Carr Mill has also agreed to consider changing the location of the signs when they are put up again. It was Weaver Street Market’s understanding that the signs would be put up on the edge of the lawn, not in the middle, and we have requested that Carr Mill make that change. We expect that the signs will be put up again next week, and we hope that the location will be changed to the edge of the lawn.

But this is what they will say (from the Beet).

I hope they will be in less obnoxious locations this time too!


  1. The one that sticks in my craw: Loitering is prohibited. Gimme a break. They could have struck that out and had a nice even 10 rules.

  2. Loitering is the attraction of Carrboro’s WSM. Kind of defeats the whole purpose.

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