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last night of FOO

Spent some time having Jim Lussier of Norwest Venture partners show me the legal music sharing/personal radio project, Mercora, that he’s involved in. Nice community feel that I wish iTunes had. You can see what’s playing where, see profiles of members, see their playlists, listen in, chat and/or email and/or blog about the music and with members. Even pays SoundExchange as the RIAA requires.

Then dropped into a presentation of Engineering Biology which ended with a discussion of the Library of Science and of licensing DNA technologies by Drew Endy of MIT Biology. Very powerful arguments presented about releasing biology for patents and from publishing restrictions. Ended up wondering if DNA research or protein research is more to the point for immuniology. True proteology is way behind DNA research now but moving from DNA to the proteins that DNA might make makes sense to me.

2 am EDT and I’m fried. Bed time for East Coasters. Tomorrow out of here by 8 am PDT


  1. Paul. Really enjoyed meeting you and our conversation at FOO Camp. Also noted your post regarding the new music project I am working on. If anyone is interested, it is called Mercora, and can be found at There you can download the P2P client and listen to your heart’s content.

  2. Thanks, Jim. Amazingly enough I was trying my best to remember how to spell Mercora even as I received your comment. Cleaning up postings and adding links now.
    Great to meet you and to be introduced wth Mercora.

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