The Hangout On Air with Luis Suarez and Claire Burge is now ready to be seen on YouTube as Episode 3 of Life w/o eMail on Luis’ channel.

“If you gonna be the swimming coach, you need to get in the water”

WXYC on Jeopardy

About the same time as the HOA, MCNC released this article about our 1994 invention of internet radio. We couldn’t have done it without great highspeed internet and great engineering on the MCNC/NCREN side. A quote from 1994 by Michael Shoffner helps tie the article to Episode 3 (21 years later):

“The Internet isn’t just for email anymore. This statement is becoming increasingly true as the technology involved progresses and more resources are devoted to developing Net-based end-user applications. The Internet is ideal for wide-area transport of all sorts of data, especially when these data originate at a central source (server) and are distributed to many users (clients) on demand.”

Arkansas Online

Just a few hours before, Brian Fanney published a piece on Arkansas Online about a new alliance between Twitter and the all-knowing Acxiom Corp in which I’m quoted saying:

“This is about Acxiom understanding highly granular demographics. Data is good, but what they [Acxiom] are really smart about is getting to the granular level where they can predict behavior.”

Facebook, Twitter’s chief rival, is about “presentation of self,” Jones said. Because Facebook asks what users like, how old they are, where they live and other personal information, it’s easy to target ads to users — even across many devices.

“The hard part is — on Twitter — you have to get someone’s picture based on who they follow and what they post about,” he said. “Over time, you can derive a lot of information from that.”

I think you can see the connections here. A movement from email, a history of a development that took us beyond email and the serious implications of the potential misuse of our newer communications technologies.

Watch, read and enjoy.