Index of /public/ftp/pub/linux/devel/lang/fortran

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!INDEX.html              Long index format
TkfPW-1.3.tar.gz         A GUI Fortran Programmer's Workshop for Unix/X11
asa-1.1.tar.gz           ASA carraige return convertor for fortran
f2c-951007-libs-1.1.tgz  a.out shared lib of libI77 and libF77 from f2c
f2c-960711-ggw.tar.gz    F2C Fortran to C compiler adapted for Linux
f2c-960717.elf.tgz       binaries of fortran to C translator & assoc libs
f2c-stabs-1.3.tar.gz     f2c support for gdb via emacs
f77flow-0.12.tar.gz      A C-program to analyse the structure of a fortran77 program
fgen-0.3.tgz             makefile generator & source-to-HTML converter for f77 code
fort77-1.18.tar.gz       Fort77 is a Perl driver script for the f2c Fortran to C
ftnchek-3.3.1.tar.gz     Static analyzer for Fortran 77 programs.
g77-0.5.22.bin.tgz       GNU Fortran compiler binaries
lapack-linux-2.0.1-elf.tar.gz binary distrib of LAPACK library (via f2c)
libf2c-0.11.tar.gz       Library support for f2c (FORTRAN to C convertor)
mpfun-1.0.tar.gz         multiple precision fortran library and translator
ozapi-2.1.1.tar.gz       OzAPI is source code for developing GUIs in FORTRAN. It also contains GKS-like graphics routines for traditional graphics applications
pflinux.504.tar.gz       plusFORT, the Fortran programmers' toolkit
pflnx504.tgz             plusFORT, the Fortran programmers' toolkit
pflnx511.tgz             ELF binaries of plusFORM toolkit
pgplot5.2.0.bin.tgz      fortran package for 2d plotting
prl_linux_bin.tar.gz     g77 libs for posix, f77 types, 2d/3d plots
toolpack-1.2.tar.gz      lint for fortran code
vg_libs.Nov.94.linux.tar.gz source for graphical libraries used in Fortran programs
yaf77-1.6.tgz            f2c derivative with extra instrinsics

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