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Date Entered2017-07-05
Descriptiona network-enabled package manager for FreeDOS
SummaryFDNPKG is a network-enabled package manager for DOS. FDNPKG is released under the MIT license. It allows to install/remove/update software on a DOS system using either online (http) or local repositories. It is written by Mateusz Viste primarily for the FreeDOS project, but can be used with other DOS systems as well. FDNPKG stands for "FreeDOS Network Package manager".
Keywordsfdnpkg, update, packages
AuthorMateusz Viste
Maintained byMateusz Viste
Original site
WikiFreeDOS Wiki -- FDNPKG
Copying policyMIT License
SHA256c4ed62da1f2a3977371a27b150d8b5fe06e8cb53f8756aa13ec12199affd2352 (799K)
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