Package find in group FreeDOS Base
Version3.0a LFN (24 Sep 2007)
Date Entered2007-09-24
DescriptionDisplay all lines in one or more files that contain a given string. Inverse and case-insensitive search possible as well.
Keywordsfreedos, find, grep
AuthorJim Hall <jhall -at->
Maintained byEric Auer <e.auer -at->
Primary siteFreeDOS Repository -- find.html
WikiFreeDOS Wiki -- Find
PlatformsDOS (e.g. Borland C, Turbo C), includes own KITTEN library version
Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 2
GroupFreeDOS Base
SHA256ea5230748b409619dd77adeb3021a9c66fc2a82b382d5a4d50d1daed743a08d0 (118K)