Package jemm386 in group FreeDOS Base
Date Entered2019-01-14
DescriptionJemm386 is an Expanded Memory Manager for DOS
SummaryJemm386 is an Expanded Memory Manager for DOS, based on the source of FreeDOS EMM386. It has several advantages compared to FreeDOS and/or MS-DOS EMM386. * needs only 192 bytes DOS memory * needs very little extended memory * is faster * works with MS-DOS, FreeDOS and EDR-DOS * will use features implemented on later CPUs to further increase speed * unlike FreeDOS Emm386 Jemm386 has full VDS support * can be loaded from the command line
Whats NewBug fixes and other improvements.
KeywordsHIMEM + EMM386, STABLE, COMPATIBILITY, memory manager, jemmex, himemx
AuthorJapheth, Tom Ehlert, Michael Devore (FreeDosStuff -at-
Primary siteGitHub -- Baron-von-Riedesel/Jemm
PlatformsDOS, FreeDOS
Copying policyArtistic License
GroupFreeDOS Base
SHA2567681f5d1a80dc750b2ce12461313bba597ac47a81f223f71efea48a68629225c (314K)
Alternate VersionsView jemm386 - 5.78, Download (354K)