Package OSPlus Disk Imager in group Utilities
TitleOSPlus Disk Imager
Date Entered2017-05-05
Descriptionutility to read and write floppy disk images
SummaryThe OSPlus Disk Imager is a utility that lets you read floppy disks and create images of them on your hard disk. These can then be written to a CD, zipped and e-mailed or uploaded to the Internet. The Disk Imager also lets you write these images back to a floppy disk. Be warned that any existing data on the floppy will be DESTROYED when writing an image.
Keywordsdisk, image
AuthorOwen Rudge <orudge _AT_>
Maintained byOwen Rudge <orudge _AT_>
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PlatformsDOS, FreeDOS
Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 2
SHA256b3e6f082348ab501b0a36f171388ecaf7f13d775179958f7171e48cf7ce89fd5 (129K)