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Organic gardeners need to know what works and why it works. This FAQ covers soil, compost, plant nutrition, botany, diseases and pests, weeds and gardening for wildlife. These topics provide the backgrounds for a successful use of cultural gardening practices.

* Section A: General Information, Definition of Terms, Hints & Tips (40 Kb)
* Section B: Soil - Structure & Content; Properties & Amendments; Micro- and Macro Organisms; Correcting Problems; and Mulches (80 Kb)
* Section C: Composting & Use of Compost (15 Kb)
* Section D: Plant Nutrition (15 Kb)
* Section E: Cultural Practices (16 Kb)
* Section F: Botany for Home Gardeners (15 Kb)
* Section G: Plant & Soil Disease; Treatment & Prevention (16 Kb)
* Section H: Plant & Soil Pests; Treatment & Prevention (52 Kb)
* Section I: Weeds, Weed Prevention, and Weed Control (22 Kb)
* Section J: Gardening for Wildlife (20 Kb)

* Appendix A: International Certification Standards (44 Kb)
* Appendix B: Recommended Reading (10 Kb)
* Appendix C: Related Newsgroups, Websites, & Off-line Addresses (23 Kb)
* Appendix D: Moderation Policy (8 Kb)
* Appendix E: Glossary of Botanical Terms (18 Kb)

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