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Oral History Association (OHA)
The Oral History Association, established in 1966, seeks to bring together all persons interested in oral history as a way of collecting human memories. On their website, you'll find their Evaluation Guidelines, as well as general information about the organization.

Preserving Community/Cuentos del Varrio: An Oral History Instruction Manual
This online community oral history manual includes information on planning an oral history project, transcribing interviews and preserving oral history resources. It also includes lists of sample questions and a useful bibliography of oral history readings. The manual was published by the Public History program at New Mexico State University.

Regional Oral History Office: The Bancroft Library
Under the section labeled "Instruction", this site gives brief tips for interviewers, as well as a "One-Minute Guide to Oral Histories."

Project presentations/interview transcripts

Like A Family: The Making of the Southern Cotton Mill World
This site was created by Dr. James Leloudis and Dr. Kathryn Walbert of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In building this website, their intent was to make oral history resources available to teachers at the secondary and college level and to suggest some of the ways in which the stories told in Like a Family can enrich the classroom experience for U.S. History students.

1968-- The Whole World Was Watching: An Oral History
The Whole World Was Watching: an oral history of 1968 is a joint project between South Kingstown High School and Brown University's Scholarly Technology Group. The website contains transcripts, audio recordings, and edited stories of a series of interviews conducted in the spring of 1998. Members of the Sophomore Class at SKHS interviewed Rhode Islanders about their recollections of the year 1968. Their stories, which include references to the Vietnam War, the struggle for Civil Rights, the Assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy as well as many more personal memories are a living history of one of the most tumultuous years in United States history.

"Been Here So Long"--Selections from the WPA American Slave Narratives

Indivisible: Stories of American Community
An exploration of community life in America by some of this country's most accomplished photographers, radio producers, and folklorists. Here are the stories of twelve communities where people are coming together to make their small piece of the world a better place to live.

Journal for Multimedia History, Volume 2~1999
Includes an aural essay entitled "I Can Almost See the Lights of Home ~ A Field Trip to Harlan County, Kentucky."

Kellogg African American Health Care Project: The Oral Histories
On this site, you can learn about the project, read interview experts and see some photographs of interviewees.

Many Voices, One Story-an exhibit from the Billy Graham Center Archives
This exhibit provides RealAudio excerpts form interviews, as well as transcripts. The interviews focus on missionary work and the Billy Graham Crusade. Many of the interviewees discuss international missionary work in the excerpts.

"Using Oral History: Lesson Overview"
Oral history from the Library of Congress.

Washington Press Club Foundation Oral History Project: "Women in Journalism"

What Did You Do In the War, Grandma?
An oral history of Rhode Island women during World War II written by students in the Honors English Program at South Kingstown High School.

The Southern Oral History Program
Center for the Study of the American South
Love House and Hutchins Forum
410 East Franklin St., CB# 9127, UNC-CH
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-9127
(919) 962-0455