I. Mission
II. Research
III. Projects
IV. Outreach
V. Scholarship
VI. Archives
VII. In the Media
VIII. Awards
IX. How To
X. Support SOHP
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SOHP Sitemap

I. Mission of the SOHP

II. Research
  A. Burlington
  B. Listening for a Change
    1. Listening to History: A North Carolina Mosaic
    2. Race and Desegregation: West Charlotte High School
    3. Race and Desegregation: Asheville's Stephens-Lee High School
    4. Tobacco, History, and Memory
    5. Forests and Communities in Western NC
    6. The Case Farms Strike in Morganton
    7. New Immigrants and Neighborhood Change: NE Durham
    8. Investigations of the Great North Carolina Flood
    9. Whole Lives: Durham HIV Life Review Project
    10. The Brown Creek Life Review Performance Project
    11. Chatham County at the Crossroads
  C. North Carolina Business History
  D. UNC History

III. Projects
  A. Center for Creative Leadership
  B. The Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company Project
  C. The Coastal North Carolina Project
  D. Women's Leadership and Grassroots Activism
  E. The North Carolina Poverty Fund
  F. North Carolina Politics

IV. Outreach
  A. NCHC Summer Institutes
  B. Listening Outreach
  C. SOHP Workshops
  D. Project for Historical Education
  E. NC Politics Reception

V. Scholarship
  A. Jacquelyn Dowd Hall
  B. David Cecelski
  C. Pamela Grundy
  D. Lu Ann Jones
  E. Tracy K'Meyer
  F. Spencie Love
  G. Kathryn Nasstrom
  H. Kathryn Newfont
  I. Alicia Rouverol
  J. Charlie D. Thompson, Jr.
  K. Kathryn Walbert
  L. Bill Bamberger

VI. Archives

VII. SOHP in the Media
  A. Jacquelyn Hall
    1. Guardian of History [Raleigh N&O]
B. 25th Anniversary
    1. Atlanta Constitution
    2. Charlotte Observer
    3. Chapel Hill News
    4. Raleigh News & Observer
  C. Hall Receives Nat'l Humanities Medal
    1. Washington Post
    2. Raleigh News & Observer
    3. Chapel Hill News
    4. Durham Herald-Sun
  D. Listening for a Change
    1. Stephens-Lee History Documented
    2. Speaker hopes oral history helps kids
    3. Whole Lives: Reflections on Living with HIV
    4. Inside Stories

    5. West Charlotte exhibit opens Aug. 27
  E. North Carolina Politics
    1. What Led to the Republican Resurgence?
    2. Understanding the enormous Republican strides
    3. The GOP Tapes: Frank Rouse, N.C. GOP chairman
    4. The GOP Tapes: Jack Lee, N.C. GOP chairman
    5. The GOP Tapes: Jack Hawke, N.C. GOP chairman

VIII. Awards

IX. How To
  A. Forms
    1. SOHP Interview Agreement Form (pdf)
    2. SOHP Interview Agreement Form (with restrictions) (pdf)
    3. SOHP Interview Coversheet (pdf)
    4. SOHP Interviewee Life History Form (pdf)
    5. SOHP Proper Word Form (pdf)
  B. Guide
    1. Designing an Oral History Project
    2. Notes on Interviewing
    3. Tape Label (example)
    4. Field Notes (example)
    5. Tape Index Example (pdf)
    6. Transcriber's Guidelines
    7. Equipment Currently Used by the SOHP
    8. Budget, Equipment, Materials for an Oral History Project
    9. Sample Transcript (pdf)
    10. Technical guidelines for Tape Recorded Interviews
    11. Ten Tips for Interviewers

X. Support SOHP

XI. Contact Us

XII. Related Links


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