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Dear All

This rejoiner was expected.

It is so pathetic that people have started to identify new
upanishads.. and some say 108 and some say 1008(Thanks to Ramakrishna

However serious and honest vedanthis wouldnt accept more than say 30
or odd upanishads.. and that includes the the so called 10 principle
upanishads as commented by Adi sankarachAryA.

There could have been innumerable upanishads in infinite vedAs. but
the problem is many of them as appearing now are spurious.. and
"latter" day texts.

so it is better we take upansihads that were quoted in poRvAchAryAs of
all vedanthic thoughts work as pramAnam..

I am not sure about the validity of such upanishdas as mentioned by
Sri Kasturi Rangan.

However please note the concept of pilliar having a "thondhi" etc etc
are influence of Buddhist cult in post Adhi sankarA era..

Yes indeed kArthikeyA is portrayed as Subramanyan (one who is praised
well) in vedAs.

On a etirely different context.. I want to mention here that Taitriya
nArayanavalli aka nArayAna upanishad is taken as a part of taitriya
upanishad by sri vaishnavAs. 

But also note sankarAcharya has not commented on this part..

The dramida pAdam and Telugu pAdam of taitriyam differs with the
latter having many inclusions. clearly showing some influneces of post
sankarA followers during vijayanagar era.

yes indeed vinAyaga is reffered in taitriyam. but as supreme being??
and particularly is vinAyaga identified as "thondhi" pilliAr?? all
these are matter of serious discussion.

As said earlier it has been proved by all achAryAs beyond doubt that
attains "samnvayam" with the term nArAyana.

Let us have our discussion and confine it within well known and widely
accepted pramAnAs(valid sources of knowledge etc etc) and works and
follow only pOrvAchArya thiruvullam(all the three vedAnthic including
Adi shankarA MAdhvA and SrE bAshyakArA)

Who knows probably some time down the line rAmakrishnA mutt and other
associates of that mutt could come up with iyanAro upanishad and a
asAnkara bAshyam for it with one of their mutt heads including him in
daily worship... some may also go to an extent saying that adi
sankarAchArya wrote a stotram on "iyanAr" namely iyanAra lahari.

However I will anyways consult with any atharvanikas and get back on
this.but give Me sometime.


--- In ramanuja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "amshuman_k" <amshuman_k@xxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> To the question, "Where in vedas does the so called ganapati aka 
> pilliAr being praised as supreme??" --
> Ganapathy atharvashiras mentions that. The atharvanikas identify that 
> as a valid upanishad apart from Narayanopanishad (re-appearing in 
> Taittriya aranyakam book X), Nilarudropanishad, part of pippalada 
> samhita and others. Note that even the swaram of 
> Ganapthyatharvashiras survives (implying a living tradition - unlike, 
> say kAThaka yajurveda, where swaram is lost for more 2/3rd of the 
> shruthi vakyas).
> As for Skanda, he is a later deity and his worship appears in Atharva 
> veda parishishTa as skanda yaaga. The atharvaniks regard this as a 
> valid yaaga apart from other rites like vishasahi (to Agni-Vishnu) 
> etc.
> Regards,
> Kasturi Rangan .K
> --- In ramanuja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "VenkatarAghavan K.S" 
> <ksvenkat@xxxx> wrote:
> > SrI:
> > 
> > Dear all
> > 
> > This is really reaching a level of annoyance.
> > 
> > Where in vedas does the so called ganapati aka pilliAr being praised
> > as supreme?? please quote.also quote about MurugAn being praised as
> > supreme.

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