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>From NASA's web, the visibility of Eclipse is
as follows:
The eclipse will be widely visible from the Americas,
Europe, and Africa. The eastern half of North America
will witness the entire event, while the partial
phases will already be in progress at moonrise from
the western portions of the continent. Similarly, the
Moon sets in Europe during various stages of the
eclipse. Observers in Ontario, Quebec, the Maritime
Provinces and eastern U. S. will see all phases of the
eclipse. Farther to the west, the eclipse begins
before moonrise but totality will still be visible
from the region except from Yukon and Alaska. 
Lunar Eclipse is NOT visible in Asia (Singapore,
India). Eclipse is visible in Americas except Alaska,
Africa and Europe including Middle East. 
In the East Coast of US (NY, NJ, MD etc), the eclipse
begins at 9.05 PM EDT on May 15 and ends at 2.15 AM
EDT on May 16, 2003.

Please look at the following URLs to verify which part
of Eclipse is visible in your area. 
The URL will display the eclipse over the world map,

To see the timings of Eclipse in your city/town,
visit URL:
For US cities, use Form A. For others, use Form B.
The display shows timings in Universal Time or GMT.

To convert timings from UT to your local time,
please look at URL
for computing the local time from UT.


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