The Digital Research Initiative
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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>>> Research for the Real World
>>> Types of Search Engines--
(1) Keyword Search Engines & Subject Directories-- (2) Portal-- (3) Meta-- (4) Specialized (such as Peer-to-Peer, p2p) | People
>>> Required Reading
>>> Search Tips

WWW Search 101 Cheat Sheet
17 Ways to Cut to the Chase

Research for the Real World
Research Perspectives and Models

>> How Search Engines Work
>> Web Discovery Model and Peer to Peer Search Model >> Gnutella
>> Life of a Google Query:
Examples of keywords, classification and description of content in meta tags:,, Ebay, C|Net

Real World Applications
>> How to Interpret your Search Results: Example from Google
>> Various Search Services : Examples from Google. Also: The Google Tour

Analyses of Search Queries, Patterns and Trends
>> The things you're searching for: Example from Lycos
>> Google Zeitgeist: Examples from Google
>> Yahoo! Buzz Index: The data is collected from Yahoo! search log files. The Yahoo! Buzz Index counts the total number of people searching for specific subjects.