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  Hard drives & other PC storage devices.

  How to Get the Windows 32-Bit File Access FAQ
    From: (Mike McCormick)
    Posted: monthly ()

  Enhanced IDE/Fast-ATA/ATA-2 FAQ *
    This FAQ addresses issues surrounding Enhanced IDE, ATA-2, ATAPI
      and Enhanced BIOSes. It includes practical questions, background
      information and lists of net resources.
    From: (Maintainer)
    Posted: Monthly (the 24th) (24 Jan 1996 11:00:11 GMT)** Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part */5
    This is a monthly posting containing a list of Frequently Asked
      Questions (and their answers) pertaining to hardware and IBM PC
      clones.  It should be read by anyone who wishes to post to any
      group in the* hierarchy.
    From: (Ralph Valentino)
    Posted: monthly (30 Nov 1995 03:56:12 GMT)

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