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  Video cards & monitors for the PC.

  A newsgroup for the discussion of topics directly related to personal 
  computer video products, including such items as monitors, video cards 
  (including Window's accelerator cards, regular VGA cards, TV-in-a-window 
  cards, etc.), and any other video-imaging hardware.

  Date: 31 May 1995 04:53:43 GMT

  Date: 31 May 1995 04:53:43 GMT

  PC 3D Graphics Accelerators FAQ (Part * of *)
    The FAQ is about 3D Graphics Accelerators for PC-compatible
    From: (Blair MacIntyre)
    Posted: 7th and 21st of each month (21 Jan 1996 03:08:47 -0500)

  Graphics Cards for PCs, Overview (*-*-*)
    From: (Boogyman)
    Posted: unknown () FAQ, Part */* Chipsets List
    From: (Michael Scott)
    Posted: monthly (second Monday) ()** Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part */5
    This is a monthly posting containing a list of Frequently Asked
      Questions (and their answers) pertaining to hardware and IBM PC
      clones.  It should be read by anyone who wishes to post to any
      group in the* hierarchy.
    From: (Ralph Valentino)
    Posted: monthly (30 Nov 1995 03:56:12 GMT)

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