This project began as a product of The Brown University Center for Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization's outreach program. In 1996 the first version of this page was created as part of a summer outreach project for teachers. In the summer of 1997 the page was expanded to include the work of the high school students in Mr. Rusconiís 3D modeling classes. During the 1997-1998 academic year the Virtual Cell Web Page team developed into its current form.

This project represents a multidisciplinary collaboration between students in Science, Computer Graphics, and World Language Classes at Coyle and Cassidy High School in Taunton Massachusetts. The students in advanced science classes design models and create the written text that will accompany them on the web. The 3D computer graphics students take these specifications and develop the models. Finally the world language students translate the text. Mentor teachers monitor the process and guide the development of the models. Collegiate level content experts review the models for accuracy. In April of 1998 the project received a $10,000.00 grant from CESAME (the Center for the Enhancement of Science and Math Education). This made possible the hiring of a team of students and to assemble the web page that you see today.

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A project of this size is only possible through the efforts of many individuals and many institutions.

Coyle and Cassidy High School
  Teachers:   Student developers:   Model development team:   Additional model development: Brown University: CESAME: Software:
The models and animations here were created using Caligari Corporation's trueSpace3 3D modeling software. Most of the artwork here was created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Photodelux. The animated GIFs were constructed using The GIF Construction Set from Alchemy Mindworks
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Copyright (1998): All the models and animation included on these pages belong to the Virtual Cell Web Page.