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Archiving the Creation Processes of the Video Game Industry

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Month: November, 2008

Beyond Video Game Preservation

7 November, 2008 (11:44) | News and Commentary | By: admin

Creating video games means establishing virtual worlds. The creation process involves stories, communications and networks – a series of actions that are much more complicated than meets the eye. In exploring and documenting this dynamic process, researchers must go beyond preservation and also consider the emotional and psychological aspects that went into designing a game. […]

A Community of Creativity

3 November, 2008 (01:46) | News and Commentary | By: admin

As video games continue to evolve and branch off in new directions, attempting to provide for all tastes, the medium becomes more difficult to define.  Once, video games were considered mainly as leisure time activities, a niche that the Nintendo Wii continues to expand by attracting consumers who are uninterested in the grandly produced games […]

A New Kind of Archive

2 November, 2008 (18:45) | News and Commentary | By: TimA

Unlike books, movies, or even console videogames, the design process of MMORPGs does not have a fixed endpoint. After the MMO is initially released, designers continue to work on patches and expansion packages and game content is updated continuously. This presents a unique challenge to the archivist, especially one who is interested in preserving content […]