Supreme Court/Changing Minds

Supreme Court: Host Melinda Penkava speaks with Erwin Chemerinsky, a law professor at Duke University. Chemerinsky argued the case against the Ten Commandments being displayed in a Texas courthouse in front of the Supreme Court. That court decided on Monday to allow the monument, but disallowed a different display in Kentucky. (12:00)

Changing Minds: North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones coined the phrase “freedom fries” at the start of the Iraq War. Now, he’s asking for a timetable for withdrawal. New polls show some Americans have been through a similar change of heart; according to Gallup, nearly six in ten Americans now oppose the war, a sharp increase from the last poll taken in March. As President Bush arrives in North Carolina to deliver a speech at Fort Bragg, host Melinda Penkava leads a discussion about what shapes opinions about the war. Guests include: Chris Gelpi, professor of political science at Duke University; Medea Benjamin, founder of the antiwar group Code Pink; and Joe McLaughlin, county commissioner for Onslow County. Listener Call-in. (47:00)

Supreme Court
Changing Minds

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