Tanchum (Anatoli L'vovich) Kaplan
(1902, Rogachev - 1980, Leningrad)
Anatoli Kaplan is an artist. He does not explain, he creates his images arisen both from the poetry of his favorite books and from the visual sensation of the world. I know his lithographs created from the stories by Sholom Aleichem. They are sad and poetic. The love of youth and the wisdom of old age, the tales of old villages like Kasrilovka, which disappeared long ago, are seen in these lithographs. They may indeed be born from stories of a great writer, but they live their own independent life. It is not a supplement to a book, it is a wonderful work of fine art, where black and white are used so vividly as to create an impression of a full color scale.
Ilya Erenburg
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