Ralph Rinzler

Ralph Rinzler is the Smithsonian Institutions Assistant Secretary for Public Service and the Founding Director of its Office of Folklife Programs. For over thirty years he has helped gain widespread recognition of traditional music of the South-- through his role as Director of Field Research Programs for the Newport Folk Foundation in the mid-1960s and as Founding Director of the Smithsonians annual Festival of American Folklife in 1967. He has worked with bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe and brilliant North Carolina guitarist Doc Watson and been a major force in the revival of Cajun music and culture. He edited influential recordings, including Old Time Music at Clarence Ashleys and Louisiana Cajun Music from the Southwest Prairie.

The above is quoted directly from the index of participants listed in Patterson, Daniel, ed. Sounds of the South. Southern Folklife Collection. Occasional Papers, Number 1. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1991.

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