The Institute for Southern Studies

Combining Information Power
with People Power to Build a Just Society

The Institute for Southern Studies was founded in 1970. It provides strategic research, publications, training, and organizing support to improve daily life and social policies in a region marked by great divisions, yet blessed with great natural and huma n resources. Its mission is to combine information power with people power to expand democracy and increase the leadership capacity of ordinary citizens.

The Institute is involved in documenting, sharing, and expanding the experiences of Southern change-makers through workshops, timely reports, and its award-winning journal, Southern Exposure. Through its 25-year history, the Institute has undertaken numerous investigative projects to identify systemic problems -- and innovative solutions -- in four fields: economic justice, environmental justice, civil rights, and political accountability. Over the course of near ly three decades, the Institute has:

Money and Politics

We've kept an eye on the foxes who guard the henhouses. The Institute has:


Information is power. Our findings have helped individuals and organizations determine their own destiny with data. The Institute:

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