2003994-021, AGC DSKY ASSEMBLY


Note: The latest available drawing revision is 2003994J, and it is the only revision of the drawing on which all of the component and sub-assembly callouts are entirely legible for configurations above -011.  On the other hand, 2003994J was microfilmed in two frames, of which only the right-hand frame is presently available, so the notes on the far left of it are not available.  Contrarywise, revision 2003994G (and each of the prior revisions containing configurations higher than -011) is complete, but contrast problems in our scan of it make some of the callouts and notes illegible.  Therefore, images of both revisions appear above.  Hopefully, between them, all necessary information is accessible.

The sub-assembly hierarchy of DSKY p/n 2003994-021 is listed below.  Minor sub-assemblies and individual components that appear in the drawings but are not listed below may appear in our master engineering-drawing index.  Note that there are later revisions of the drawing than the one shown above, but the one shown contains the configuration we need and is the most legible.


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