So I finally got around to doing something to the ages-old look I'd been sporting here.

It's not fancy—in fact, it's as far from it as I could get. White backgrounds. Color coded blocks. An attempt at wordless navigation. All built with non-W3C-compliant CSS and tables, but done as elegantly as possible.

It's all about boxes. The big one is the title, it'll tell you where you are. Hit the small boxes. The ones on the top—gradient horizontal—are the main categories. The ones down the side—gradient vertical—will let you move around within each section.

It's grade-i-tized.

What you'll find here is the same as it ever was, plus a little more. Professional work. Sketches and projects. My resume. Photography. Maybe even my thesis, if I can find it among all the junk.

Many thanks, of course, to Paul Jones and SunSITE / MetaLab / ibiblio staff for the space to host such a collection.





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