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[Image of an Halictid Hello. Nice to see you. I'm very fortunate: I'm able to make my living from breeding honey bees. I love working with honey bee genetics and observing honey bee behavior. The amazing niche eusocial Hymenopterans (bees, wasps, ants) have in our Earthly habitat, fascinates me. My wife and I use artificial insemination to control matings between desirable breeders. Did you know that bees naturally mate in the air, at a fair distance from their hive?

Beekeepers have had hard times in the last few decades with pathogens and lately, Colony Collapse Disorder and new issues with virus. Poor colony health coupled with high losses cause many beekeepers to become discouraged. If older, experienced beekeepers give up beekeeping, who will teach the younger ones?

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Click to read the abstract of my poster presentation at the 1997 ESA Annual Meeting. That was a long time ago! 

Back in the 1990s I created the newsgroup sci.agriculture.beekeeping, and The Internet Apiculture and Beekeeping Archive at, formerly (formerly, where the newsgroup, listserv, and beekeeping FAQS, are archived. Although web-based forums have superceeded Usenet News in popularity, this archive is still filled with valuable beekeeping information.

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For 21 years, we've been working on breeding varroa resistant bees; we've offered breeder queens for the last 13 years to the beekeeping community.

VP Queen Bees

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