re: Rom. 8:27
Fri, 10 May 96 14:08:26 CDT

Marion Fox here:

I asked the following question:

Question: What is the subject of the finite verb ENTUGCHANEI (He
makes intercession-verse 27)? What rule of grammar/syntax have you used
determine the subject of this verb?

David Moore responded to this question:

The subject of ENTUGXANEI is the Holy Spirit, who in v. 26 is
referred to as the one who hUPERENTUGXANEI for us with unexpressable

Marion here: Now comes the reason why I have been asking these questions.
The word "PNEUMATOS" is in the genitive or ablative case (I opt for the
genitive case). Can this genitive noun be the subject of a finite verb?
If so, what is the rule of grammar or syntax which allows it?

I see some things I have done wrong in the transliteration from the way you
transliterated these words. I assume your method is the accepted method.
I will correct that in the future. Thanks for the help in this matter.

Yours in His service,

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