Re: Pocket Lexicon

Nichael Cramer (
Tue, 21 May 1996 16:56:42 -0400 (EDT)

Kevin W. Woodruff wrote:
> Dear David:
> Yes I've seen, used and own Souter's pocket lexicon and despite it's age,
> it's still an amzing piece of work. A good (perhaps better) alternative is
> _Shorter Lexicon of the Greek New Testament_ 2nd ed. by F. Wilbur Gingrich,
> revised by Frederick W. Danker. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1983.
> 221 pages. ( 8 1/2" X 5 1/2" ) Although it's not as"pocket-sized" as Souter
> (7" X 4 1/2")(290 pages), it is more up to date as Souter was done in 1916
> whereas Gingrich is done in 1983. Also it is readily available and does not
> have to be ordered special.

I'll second the suggestion of Gingrich/Danker (I keep a copy in my
briefcase). Also, being hard-bound it is very sturdy.

Another alternative to consider if size is a special consideration (e.g.
while travelling): The UBS4 comes in an edition in which it is bound
together with a "concise" Dictionary of NTGreek. That Dictionary can be
bought separately from ABS. Not really a lexicon, but it _is_ compact
(i.e. the size of the UBS4 X ~200 onion-skin pages).