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Davis Phillips (
Tue, 21 May 1996 16:11:17 -0500

I would highly recommend the Souter volume. It is a small, handy size
(about the size of the small Nestle-Aland Greek NT -- not as many pages
however; my copy was printed by oxford u press.) I think Souter had the
gift of making short and apt definitions -- it is by far the best small NT
Greek lexicon I have found. It seems to me to a sort of miniature
Louw-Nida Lexicon. It was written when the discoveries of many greek
papyri in Egypt were quite recent (circa 1916) and I think Souter combined
an in-depth knowledge of the Bible's Greek with an in-depth study of the
published papyri in order to make his little volume.

My other favorite portable volumes are: (1) Nestle-Aland Greek NT or a
small British and Foreign Bible Society Textus Receptus & KJV parallel text
(NOT interlinear), Greek & English in two columns on each page -- about the
same size as Nestle-Aland; (I would like to know if it is still in print);
and(2) edition of Erasmus Schmidt's NT Greek concordance(complete!), about
half as thick as Nestle-Aland. (I also have Moulton-Milligan's Gk NT
concordance -- but Schmidt's has 99% of the same information in about 1/20
the weight.) My edition was published in Athens, but I think it is also
has been reprinted in the US or Britain.

[Baker Book House reprinted W.J. Hickie's Greek-English Lexicon to the NT
in paper ($1.95 in 1977). I don't know if it's in print. It's about the
same size as Souter and not bad (and also gives at least one NT ref. for
each word. It is probably older than Souter's (I think I saw an edition of
Wescott & Hort's NT in greek for students, with Hickie's lexicon in the

Best wishes. Davis Phillips

>Dave Anderson wrote:
>I am a beginning Greek student and I travel frequently. Often I study while
>on my trips. I would like to find a small sized lexicon to take with me.
>While browsing through Books I came across a reference to:
> Pocket Lexicon to the Greek New Testament by Alexander Souter(Ed.).
>I have never seen it and I'm wondering if anyone would recommend this one and
>about what size it is.

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