Re: Pocket Lexicon

James Kuiper (
Tue, 21 May 1996 16:36:25 -0500

> I would highly recommend the Souter volume. It is a small, handy size
> (about the size of the small Nestle-Aland Greek NT -- not as many pages
> however; my copy was printed by oxford u press.) I think Souter had the
> gift of making short and apt definitions -- it is by far the best small NT
> Greek lexicon I have found. It seems to me to a sort of miniature
> Louw-Nida Lexicon. It was written when the discoveries of many greek
> papyri in Egypt were quite recent (circa 1916) and I think Souter combined
> an in-depth knowledge of the Bible's Greek with an in-depth study of the
> published papyri in order to make his little volume.

Interesting coincidence. I saw this very volume today in the used book store
selling for $6. I'll buy it tomorrow.

Another coincidence. I have been reading F. F. Bruce's autobiography, and
one of his profs at Cambridge was Mr. Souter.

James Kuiper
Rochester, Minn