Re: Pocket Lexicon

David L. Moore (
Tue, 21 May 1996 22:43:09 -0400

Davis Phillips wrote:

> My other favorite portable volumes are: [Snip]
>(2) edition of Erasmus Schmidt's NT Greek concordance(complete!), about
> half as thick as Nestle-Aland. (I also have Moulton-Milligan's Gk NT
> concordance -- but Schmidt's has 99% of the same information in about 1/20
> the weight.) My edition was published in Athens, but I think it is also
> has been reprinted in the US or Britain.

Being unfamiliar with the Schmidt concordance, I'm wondering if it is based on
an ecclectic text (eg. W&H or Nestle) or on the Textus Receptus. It's being published
in Athens makes me think it is probably the latter.

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