Re: On hearing (and uttering) Greek aloud

David L. Moore (
Thu, 01 Aug 1996 14:17:09 -0400

Jonathan Robie wrote:
> Okay, since you agree that we should learn the pronunciation used at the time of
> the early Roman Empire, what *is* that pronunciation? I have only one
> description here that I know of, from Blass, Debrunnen, und Rehkopf, which
> pretty much assumes that I already know how to pronounce ancient Greek.

Take a look at Vol. 2, _Accidence and Word Formation_, in
Moulton's _Grammar of NT Greek_ series. Pages 37-114 give a fairly
complete description of 1st Century Greek phonology, especially as it
relates to writing. Moulton was well-versed in the secular papyrii
discovered beginning around the turn of the century, and his
observations rely heavily on that knowledge. There may also be other
resources out there which others on the list will mention.

> Is there a comprehensive description of this pronunciation? Is there widespread
> agreement on this pronunciation?

It is my impression that relatively little attention has been
given to reaching such a widespread consensus.

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