Re: On hearing (and uttering) Greek aloud

David L. Moore (
Thu, 01 Aug 1996 14:23:55 -0400

Stephen C Carlson wrote:

> For example, Allen concludes that OI in the first century was
> pronounced like the vowel in the French 'feuille' (German [o"i],
> 'oei'). By the beginning of the second century it became like the
> vowel in the French 'lui' (German [u"i] 'uei') then shortly afterwards
> to a long upsilon (French 'tu' German [u"h] 'ueh'). Both the upsilon and
> OI were subsequently itacised by the ninth century.
> According to Allen . . . . .

I didn't find a bibliographic reference on this in your post. It
sounds like an interesting work.

I also look forward to your posting the chart you mention.

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