Re: Assumptions

Carl W. Conrad (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 21:44:33 -0400

At 3:29 AM -0400 8/13/96, Carlton L. Winbery wrote:
>Some however would read the Greek differently and would not come to the
>same conclusion. As I understand the purpose of this list, it is to
>discuss the reasons why we draw such conclusions from the text. How does
>the Greek convey to us these ideas? What would the words, phrases, clauses
>have meant in the first century C.E.? I think that with care we can do
>that without our assumptions getting in the way too much. Obviously, I
>find it difficult to get too far away from who I am, but I find trying to
>understand who others are and why they see and hear like they do a very
>exciting and sometimes humbling enterprize.

Splendid message, Carlton. Right now, I have the very strong impression
that what people want most to display is their assumptions. Just when we
need a moderator (or more than one), we have been effectively blocked from
having one by the insistence that a moderator be an evangelical! It is sort
of interesting, however, to watch (from the sidelines) this little battle
between evangelicals and JW's, isn't it?

I'm finally about to leave my Blue Ridge retreat and go back to St. Louis
to get ready for a fall term, very reluctantly--but maybe I'll get back
into the swing and participate again in the list. Right now I have a
strange sense of being an outsider on this list. Maybe I just need to get
back into an academic milieu!

Regards, Carl