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Carl W. Conrad (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 23:11:41 -0400

At 11:00 AM -0400 8/13/96, Ron Henzel wrote:
>First, I must take issue with even using Winer as an authority, given
>the fact that Winer had many theological axes to grind (he was not
>primarily a grammarian, but a theologian -- and a LIBERAL one at
>I hesitate to point this out -- because I fear that some may think
>that I veer from the subject of this discussion group -- but in the
>interest of historical fact and veracity in scholarship it must be
>stated that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (of Jehovah's
>Witnesses) has a long and storied history of misquoting, selectively
>quoting, out-of-context-quoting, and generally misusing standard
>Biblical linguistic reference works in order to support their
>"translations" (BTW: despite the claims of the Watchtower Society, it
>is a long-established fact that none of the NWT translators had any
>training in Biblical languages) which are in turn used to support
>their theological positions.

At 8:09 PM -0400 8/13/96, Hubert Arthur Bahr III wrote:
>I think you have discovered the one redeeming feature of Erasmian
>pronunciation (it's phonetic). I can only hope there is never an
>"Erasmian" pronunciation of English.

Why do I have the disturbing suspicion that messages currently arriving
before us in B-Greek are intended to display the posters' ASSUMPTIONS more
than anything about either the Greek text or the Greek language?

Isn't it possible to argue a position regarding John 8:58 or anything else
that is a proper concern of this list without snidely remarking on
sectarian grounds for disregarding someone's judgment on a text or a point
of grammar? Granted that the weight of scholarly tradition may have a
bearing on the validity of a point of interpretation of a text or a point
of grammar, isn't the cogency of the argument being made in its own right
the primary matter for a reader of opinions offered in this forum to
consider? Is that too idealistic?

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