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David and Glennis Cashmore (
Sun, 1 Sep 1996 13:05:59 +1200

Rod Bias wrote:
> David:
> Where did you come up with these stats?
> What is this "Zerwick" to which you refer?
> Sorry to be so uninformed. If you clue me in, next time I'll know.
Sorry Rod. I have got into the habit of using the author surnames of books
to make it sound like I know more Greek than I do!

A Grammatical Analysis of the New Testament - Max Zerwick.
For each verse in the NT he translates and semi-parses the key words. If
you know all the words that occur more than 60 times in the NT, you can sit
on the bus/train with UBS4 and Zerwick in hand (it is a relatively small
book) and read the NT in Greek. It beats trying to use a lexicon and does
not make you lazy as does an interlinear (or not as lazy anyway).

The stats come from Bill Mounce's FlashWorks program. He got the words (so
I understand) from Bruce Metzger's Lexical Aids and Warren Trenchard's
Complete Vocabulary Guide. I was going to do an Access program to scan his
master file to work out what percentage of the NT words were covered by the
different levels of vocab but haven't got to it.

regards David

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