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>How much vocabulary should one memorise?


>Has anyone any comments?
>How many words do you learn?
>What is the best way to learn them?
David and Glennis,

I can only relate my own experience. For the first two years of my study of
New Testament Greek (at the college level), memorization of vocabulary was
not greatly stressed. I found that translation was laborious because I
constantly had to look up words in the lexicon. Even having a list arranged
according to chapter or section, I found that my concentration was broken
when I was constantly looking up words. When I entered seminary, vocab. was
emphasized. We learned words occuring 10 times or more. I found that when I
had gotten a good handle on words occuring about 30 times or more that Greek
translation became much more enjoyable. I was able to translate large blocks
without frequent recourse to the lexicon. At 10 times or more, the majority
of words left are either proper nouns or cognates to something else already
learned. Freedom to translate without constant reference to the lexicon
frees up the mind to concentrate more on syntax and meaning. I would urge
you to work hard at memorizing vocab. at least till you have a good
understanding of words occuring 30 times or more in the NT.

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George Gunn
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