Re: A Question

Braulio A. Barillas S. (
Sun, 8 Sep 1996 20:13:49 -0600

Good night:

I got suscribe to " Little Greek " a few weeks ago. I would like to give an
opinion about " A QUESTIONS " that D. Hampton asked.
This is what I wrote for my tesis of teology:

- in general the institutes teach morfology and sintaxis. The principal
difference between one and one is a denomination.
- one of the final objectives is compared the translation and light exegetic
- in general the objectives of teaching are static. These significates that
the teaching is traditional and repetitive, these implicates that the
students are doing poor utilization of the original texts.
- the is necesary to change: new techniques for teaching languages; a lot of
training free, found in morfology and sintaxis.
- you move from morfology to more and more sintaxis.
- in general always teaching a lot of languages: repeat, use of the sense,
audiovisual methods, but the methodology and education now go farther.
Now the sistematic education is more concrete and well explained in the
objectives because: is more efficient in evaluation and renovating
curriculum and priority of goals.
I concluded that the change about teaching in cognocitive dominion:
knowledge, comprehension ideas, critic judgement, concepts.
Affective dominion: interest, actitude, ideals, courage.
I wish these ideas could help you in your work, and remember do not
translate word by word because the meaning could be changed. Unless you want
to be a lexicon.
I hope you get the idea about these passage because my English is very
poor.Spanish is my native language.