goofy greek cards!

John Oaklands (
Mon, 09 Sep 1996 10:16:22 -0500

Dale do you have any idea where I might pick up those goofy cards for Greek
vocabulary as well as the text book "Greek to Me." I think the idea is
great. I use goofy ideas in all kinds of ways to help me remember things.
I guess I've done it with Greek and Hebrew etc too. But I would like to get
hold of the cards and the book to get some further ideas.

I'm 100% with you with respect to translating nonsense English to nonsense
Greek and vice versa. I'm dealing with that one right now with a "little
Greek" who is struggling with that kind of thing in a course he is obligated
to complete. Ugh! Like you, of course, I see the value of getting students
into Greek texts early--even at the first lesson--and constantly thereafter.
My practice is to always present grammar in that context.

Thank you,

John Oaklands