Latinisms in Greek: 33 index entries in BDR!

Jonathan Robie (74144.2360@CompuServe.COM)
05 Sep 96 21:33:29 EDT


Today I was waylaid by a pluperfect in John 20:11, and as I was looking it up in
BDR, I noticed a reference to the Latin, so I checked the index for
"Latinismen", and found 33 references! No, I haven't checked most of them (I'm
just a little Greek, after all, and I'm still working on figuring out what the
pluperfect means in John 20:11, and the few examples I did see would have made
more sense if I had even a smattering of Latin). But I did check a few that
looked interesting. One that caught my eye: the dative of relationship, BDR
#197, is considered as a possible latinism. As always, BDR lists references, so
this might be a possible starting point.