Re: Re. Proclaiming Christ, not yourself!
Sat, 21 Sep 1996 23:13:40 -0400


Rod writes:

>I'd be interested to read the section you mention, but I don't find one by
>that title or description in my copy of Goodrick (Zondervan/Multnomah, 2d
>ed., 1980). Can you give us more specifics on the edition in which you find
>it and page refs.? Thanks,

Goodrick's dissertation is on pp. 21.2 - 21.4. Magnificent stuff. I'd quote
it for you if I had a scanner. Maybe someday when I am a Magnagraece. But
until then,

I am your humble servant.

Gregory Yeager

ps.. I have Silva's book, too! He really is a piecs of work. On page 78 he
gives an excellent example of why authors should not edit their own work (as
he did here). The joke about the tape recorder would never have been passed
by an editor, unless that editor thought up the joke himself. Ick. But as
for the rest, he has excellent points!

God bless his scribes, bringing out treasures both old and new!