German book catalog
Fri, 13 Sep 1996 03:15:47 -0400


You asked for the information I told you I have for ordering German

I have before me a wonderful little catalog--288 pages containing everything
in German that a scholar might want to order. It looks more like a journal
a catalog and is titled Bu<:>cher zum Studium der evangelischen Theologie,
46. Ausgabe, 1996. About 8000 titles from 167 publishers are listed. An
lists the names of 4600 authors and editors. Fields covered include
studies, church history, theology, and philosophy. The introduction seems
indicate that a planned electronic version of the catalog is indefinitely on
hold ("auf Eis"!)--but they hope this will change.

The following appears on the front of the catalog:

Thomas Barg
Plo<:>ck 2
69117 Heidelberg
Telefon (0 62 21) 2 95 30

If I understand the introduction properly ("Wir ... freuen uns u<:>ber jede
der Reaktion. Kontakt sowie Bestellung weiter Examplare unter:" and then
this address), copies of the catalog may be ordered from:

Timbuktu Verlag
Am Rain 20
35039 Marburg
Telefon & Fax: 06421-62967
E-mail 100333,

I find no instructions in the catalog for ordering books. I'm just assuming
that the fact that Comenius-Buchhandlung's address, etc., appear
on the cover mean that they will accept orders for books in the
catalog. I also find no indication of what Timbuktu will charge for
a copy of the catalog. This one was passed along to me by a pastor
friend to whom it was given by a visiting German theological student.

Now that I've typed all this in, I think I'll copy it to the list as
well.... This
is a marvelous little bibliographical resource, and others may be
interested. (The "evangelische" in the title, by the way, does not mean
that the works of Catholic scholars are not included.)



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