Jonathan Robie (
24 Sep 96 11:23:51 EDT

Zerwick's "Grammatical Analysis" implies that the force of this is "was actually
carried away", and refers to section #350 of his Greek Grammar. Alas, the Duke
University Book Store has not been able to get me a copy of his Greek Grammar,
which may be out of print.

Zerwick says: "SUN-AP-HXQH aor. pass. ap-agw lead/carry away; force of indic.
(opp. inf.) was actually... #350."

Can anybody explain to me where the "was actually" comes from? Does anybody have
access to Zerwick's Greek Grammar to refer to section 350?

Also, does anyone know if Greek Grammar is still in print? It isn't listed in
Books in Print. Does anybody know where I can get a copy?


(Hungry as always...)