Re: Gal 2:13 SUNAPHXQH

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Tue, 24 Sep 1996 10:38:11 -0500

At 11:23 AM 9/24/96 EDT, you wrote:
>Zerwick's "Grammatical Analysis" implies that the force of this is "was
>carried away", and refers to section #350 of his Greek Grammar. Alas, the Duke
>University Book Store has not been able to get me a copy of his Greek Grammar,
>which may be out of print.
>Zerwick says: "SUN-AP-HXQH aor. pass. ap-agw lead/carry away; force of indic.
>(opp. inf.) was actually... #350."
>Can anybody explain to me where the "was actually" comes from? Does anybody
>access to Zerwick's Greek Grammar to refer to section 350?
>Also, does anyone know if Greek Grammar is still in print? It isn't listed in
>Books in Print. Does anybody know where I can get a copy?
>(Hungry as always...)

I have the grammar, in English translation, at home, but not at the lab. I
will check when I get home if noone else has access before I get there.

I'd sell the book, if you can't find it. I purchased mine at the bookstore
at Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, about 5 years ago.

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