Re: Gal 2:13 SUNAPHXQH

Jonathan Robie (74144.2360@CompuServe.COM)
24 Sep 96 13:10:17 EDT

Thanks, Carl!

This really cleared it up for me, and I was also able to look up the use of
hWSTE in a couple of grammars. Robertson says that hWSTE+indicative is only used
twice in the NT, the other use is in John 3:16: hWSTE EDWKEN "so that he gave
(his only son)".

> "so, in fact, Barnabas was swept away with them (the Jewish
> Christians?) by their play-acting."

Interesting. Galations 2:6 uses PROSWPON in a manner that might refer to play
acting, and Galations 2:13 uses UPOKRISIS...


"we're lost inside this lonely game we play; we're lost in a