Re: Romans 4:17: KALOUNTOS TA MH ONTA hWS ONTA (for tomorrow's sermon...)

Jonathan Robie (74144.2360@CompuServe.COM)
21 Sep 96 22:25:03 EDT


This is very helpful indeed. And the timing is also fine -- especially since you
confirmed what I had thought in the first place. If you had ripped my
interpretation apart, timing would have been somewhat more difficult, but still
no big deal. I usually prepare an outline that contains the basic points and the
scriptures, and it is pretty easy to change it at the last minute. In fact, I
often do change it as I am delivering it.

Incidentally, I think that my Greek is really improving quickly right now;
B-GREEK is extremely helpful for me. Don has consented to let me send him my
interpretations of tense and mood in various passages -- after having a good
laugh, he sends me his corrections, and I try to give him less to laugh at the
next time around. I've also gotten my pastor interested in Greek again, and we
have been discussing what we see in the text when we get together. looks like I'm discovering lots of familiar issues that people have
already been through. Has anybody ever done a FAQ for B-GREEK? I might be
willing to work on one, provided someone more knowledgeable would take a look at
it before I make it public.