Re: Romans 4:17: KALOUNTOS TA MH ONTA hWS ONTA (for tomorrow's sermon...)

Jonathan Robie (74144.2360@CompuServe.COM)
23 Sep 96 09:32:54 EDT

Thanks for your help -- your comments on this verse fit right in with the main
point of the sermon: that our faith is in God who is beyond our understanding,
and whose actions may not fit into our preconceived notions, but who is more
trustworthy and reliable than anything in the visible world. I also noticed that
in every instance where Jesus berates people for their "little faith", he turns
around and performs a miracle. We can approach Jesus with our "little faith",
and he can correct us by calling us to greater faith. Similarly, when Paul
implored God three times that the thorn be removed, it seems that Paul expected
this to happen, but God was able to show him that his grace is made perfect in

God is God, and his ways are unsearchable, but we can approach him with our
needs, and he will show us what and how to ask.

> Denn alles meinen ist nur Frage

You know, I missed the point of this the first time around. I thought you were
wondering if I was just asking for the sake of asking, to poke holes in people's
theories. It hit me this morning. I *think* you mean that I treat all positions,
including my own, as questions to be examined. If this is what you meant, I
guess this is true of me, though I hadn't really thought of it that way.

> Thunder Swamp P.H. Church

I asked him about this myself last week. Paul Evans lives in Mt. Olive, NC, the
pickle capital of the world. Thunder Swamp is the name of the road that his
church is located on.

Take care,